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Journey to Nainital Nature's Paradise

Nainital, the ‘Lake District of India,’ is a picturesque hill station in North India, cocooned by mountains on three sides and gracing the serene Naini Tal Lake within its embrace. Legends and natural beauty define it. Nainital derives its name either from the Goddess Naina or the legend of Goddess Sati’s lost eye (Naina) forming the lake (Tal). Seven hills known as ‘Sapta-Shring’ – Ayarpata, Deopata, Handi-Bandi, Naina, Alma, Lariya-Kanta, and Sher-Ka-Danda – encircle the town, enhancing its charm. The majestic mountains and the shimmering lake add to Nainital’s allure.

Proximity to lesser-known hill stations accessible through all-season roads makes Nainital an ideal destination. Panoramic views of the Himalayan peaks and sprawling plains from vantage points are awe-inspiring. Forested trails of oak, pine, and deodar invite rejuvenating walks. Nainital’s colonial heritage is evident in its old quarters with bungalows, public schools, churches, and the old Christian cemetery. The heart of Nainital offers a breathtaking sight – the serene Naini Lake, with boating and mountain exploration as popular activities. Legends further enrich the town’s tapestry, with stories of sages, the Goddess Naina, and Sati’s sacrifice. Discovered by a British merchant in 1839, Nainital transformed into an administrative town and summer capital, boasting colonial villas and promenades. A major landslide in 1880 reshaped the landscape, creating ‘The Flats,’ a popular meeting and sports area. Nainital offers diverse attractions, making it a year-round destination, with the best times to visit being April to June and September to October, although winter snowfall is enchanting for the prepared traveler.

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